Fuji Xerox launches Smart Work Gateway Concept


Posted on Nov 21 2016 – 11:03am by Reynaldo Vicente

Fuji Xerox Asia-Pacific introduced a new concept, called the Smart Work Gateway, that eyes to bring together multi-function device, software services, centralized management, and cloud solutions to build an open communications environment for people to collaborate with cloud service providers and offer communication tools to suit individual needs and preferences.

Based on this concept, Fuji Xerox aims to build an ecosystem where its devices are linked, as well connect these with partners’ cloud services. This ecosystem will provide a communications portal that can adapt to individual customers to support their workstyle transformation.

The Smart Work Gateway concept was developed because conventional multi-function devices alone are unable to meet customer demands. To realize this, Fuji Xerox rolled out 14 cloud-friendly, digital color multi-function devices under its ApeosPort-VI C and DocuCentre-VI C series.

These devices can be configured and managed to enhance productivity in the workplace as they are integrated with the new Cloud Service Hub, a platform that links the devices with various cloud services. Through this Cloud Service Hub, these devices can be connected to multiple de facto standard cloud services. Users can log into the cloud services with a single sign-on and can scan/save documents to the cloud, as well as to make prints of documents from the cloud. Documents can be cross-searched across the cloud services linked to the Cloud Service Hub, contributing to business process improvement.

Also new is the Direct Management Console, a software that enables users to purchase, download and install apps for multi-function devices from the Fuji Xerox Direct, a portal site that provides Fuji Xerox’s various Internet services.


All these multi-function devices use the Super Eco Toner. High-end models have improved scanning productivity as it achieves 270 pages of duplex scanning per minute. Bulk scanning of large volume documents can be also be done.

According to Oscar Dolendo, assistant vice president of Fuji Xerox Philippines, Fuji Xerox Philippines currently corners 43% of the local enterprise printer market. To maintain its shares, Fuji Xerox Philippines has to sell 100 units of multi-function devices in a month. Through its direct sales force that numbers 60, and tie-ups with channel partners, the company hopes to maintain its No. 1 position in the industry.