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Everything Is Going Digital. But What About Paper?

Its tough getting your paper and digital into one place. Stuff on paper needs to be digitized and combined with your electronic documents in order to become useful again.

Making new documents on electronic formats is easy and getting it to paper isnt too hard with a good printer. But what about the information you receive on paper? This often needs to be combined with your electronic documents.

Document Security is a Problem for Everyone


How safe is your corporate information? Every organizaton has security holes that may be exploited, and the biggest risk of all may be right on your desk.

Information leakage can compromise your firms reputation and competitive advantage. While firms are generally very good at protecting electronic information from leaving, documents on paper are often ignored and become a primary source of information risk.

Education Solutions

Keeping School Records Just Got Easier


Keeping records on paper is labor intensive and fraught with risk. Weve just figured out a way to make your paper documents electronic and easier to manage.

In every school, the Registrars Office forms a hub and the main contact point between administration and the student body. This involves forms management to a degree not experienced by most enterprises. Managing this process is critical to a schools success.

Managing On-Campus Printing and Copying


Students and staff can have both printing and copying services conveniently available at all times with usage reporting for administration.

Students and school staff have to print and copy using on-campus resources provided for by the school. Because of the variety of equipment used at various locations, this presents a problem for resource management and reporting for school administrators.