Electronic Partnership – Broadband


Powered by EP-BB (Electronic Partnership Broadband)

Electronic Partnership – Broadband (EP-BB) is a service offering of Fuji Xerox designed to improve the quality of our after-sales service by remotely managing and maintaining your Fuji Xerox multi-function device. The service delivers a comprehensive 24×7 support, enabling machine issues to be identified and resolved with greater ease and efficiency.  Most importantly, it benefits clients by maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime.  Through Internet access, EP-BB unites client’s machine status, maintenance and usage information to Fuji Xerox and provides the client with a smart and powerful set of information at their fingertips.

proactive meter reading (Custom)
Hassle-free administration
Meter-readings of the equipment are captured automatically hence eliminating time wasted on manual meter-reading and sending the readings to Fuji Xerox.

  • Ensures accurate readings.
  • Reduces administration time
  • Increases efficiency through automation.
proactive alert (Custom)
Minimize downtime
Alerts are automatically sent to Fuji Xerox when there is a need to soon replace a consumable, such as toner, on your FX equipment. Hence, you never have to worry about running out of toner.

  • Automates the replenishment process of supplies.
  • Ensures that supplies of consumables are never far away.
  • Keeps your business running smoothly with minimum downtime.
proactive cons (Custom)
Increase business efficiency
With EP-BB, fault alerts are immediately sent to Fuji Xerox so that our FX Engineer can proactively attend to your equipment without having to wait for you to report the problem to us.

  • Proactive problem identification.
  • Ensures FX engineers receive problem information before arrival on-site to allow quick resolution.
  • Minimize unscheduled equipment downtime.
green report (Custom)
Increase visibility on printing usage/Increase accountability on the environment
Consisting of 3 key reports – Function Usage Report, Eco Report and Service History Report – this feature gives you information on your volume trends, type and size of prints, energy consumption and service history. It also highlights the potential paper savings that you will be able to receive using the Fuji Xerox’s green functions on your equipment.

  • Monitors usage trends.
  • Tracks the impact of your equipment usage on the environment.
  • Keeps tabs on incidents and service history.


EP-BB ensures data security

As our valued client, EP-BB service provides complete peace of mind while offering value added services. Fuji Xerox offers a comprehensive range of security measures:
  • Client’s equipment are centrally monitored by our EP Center. All internet connections are protected with SSL protocol encryption technologies to safeguard your business data.
  • Only data pertaining to billing meters, fault alerts, consumable alerts and usage counters are transmitted through EP-BB.
  • Client information such as client documents (scanned, printed and faxed), settings and image information are not included in the communications between your equipment and our EP Center.
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