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Don't take unnecessary risks with unauthorised resellers

Don't take unnecessary risks with unauthorised resellers

A Fuji Xerox Multifunction Device (MFD) is an investment in your company's performance and productivity. But if you purchase one from an unauthorised reseller, whose operations may be dubious and unsustainable, you may just be compromising your company's efficiency and equipment investment.

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When you purchase/lease from unauthorised resellers, you risk:

They may not be financially stable.

 Fuji Xerox Philippines will not be able to assist in servicing products purchased from unauthorised resellers.

Unauthorised resellers may choose to cut corners by repairing instead of replacing critical spare parts

 Using non-original or substitute parts, like circuit board, can cause power trips.



Drum Life Prompt may be disabled to extend the drum yield. This compromises the print quality and shortens your machine life span.

They may use non-genuine toner powder that leads to poorer image quality.


Untrained technicians may not be able to accurately diagnose problems.

They are unable to obtain any latest firmware upgrades, and this denies you improved features.

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