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Fuji Xerox Announces Enhancements to the Next Generation Managed Print Services

New Tool to Streamline Workflows and Processes; Accelerate Business Transformation from Physical to Digital

Philippines, 13 December, 2016 – Fuji Xerox, the leader in managed print services, today announced new capabilities to its Next Generation Managed Print Services (Next Gen MPS) first announced in 2014, to help businesses with not only optimising their printing environments but also to enhance document-related work processes across mobile and cloud environments.

The latest Next Gen MPS offering add tools – Xerox Print Awareness Tool, Xerox Secure Print Manager Suite, Xerox Digital Alternatives, and DocuShare 7.0 – that deliver new capabilities for a highly sustainable, secure, efficient and mobile work environment.

  • Xerox Print Awareness Tool comes with easy-to-use dashboards and gamification features that enable users to understand the impact of the print activity to the environment. Providing real-time information on employees printing usage and behaviours, this tool not only optimizes a company’s MPS environment, but also supports sustainability efforts.
  • Xerox Secure Print Manager Suite offers new modules that make print processes even more cost efficient, secure and automated. Providing increased visibility on print usage and insight into user printing behaviour, it allows IT administrators to have better management and control over the entire printing environment, including giving users the flexibility to print what they need whenever and wherever they are, without adding costs and complexities to existing print infrastructure.

    The suite adds new capabilities for secure document release, chargeback and accounting, print rules, and mobile print, as well as high-value processes like authentication and job tracking. Suitable for all type of businesses, regardless of their size or location, the Xerox Secure Print Manager Suite uses as a flexible, pay – as – you – go licensing scheme that enables users to choose the capabilities their businesses require.

  • Xerox Digital Alternatives comes with an integrated personal productivity toolset that enable users to transition from using traditional paper-based processes to digital workflow processes through e-documents instead of printouts. Reducing – if not totally eliminating – multiple-step tasks such as filling up forms, signing, scanning and saving, and finally forwarding and sharing with others – making users more efficient and productive. It also allows them to be more mobile, yet have the flexibility to switch from using paper to digital and vice-versa, without having to worry about the compatibility of their devices – whether they’re using PC, Mac, Android or iPad. Users can capture documents through their mobile devices and easily annotate, digitally sign, and share when required.
  • Fuji Xerox DocuShare 7.0 is a feature-rich Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform that addresses document-centric challenges faced by businesses as their work environments increasingly become more digital. It comes with sophisticated features that deliver intelligent, one-step scan-to-workflow automation that speeds up processes; lifecycle management for security and archiving; and seamless access to information and documents – from the web, mobile, and business applications.

Deployed on premise, Xerox Digital Alternatives also includes monitoring and intrusion detection capabilities, ensuring the integrity and protection of valuable corporate data. Addressing security concerns around BYOD (bring-your-own-device) and another mobility initiatives, Xerox Digital Alternatives lets system administrators track user behaviour and manage the way documents are shared by deciding on the use of relevant sharing services such as email, or any digital signature program.

Fuji Xerox DocuShare 7.0 is customizable to address various business needs – finance and accounting, human resources, operations, governance, contract management and more. The re-designed user interface provides improved operability and convenience with enhancements such as scan and print, drag & drop during browser use without any plugin software, enhanced reporting and processing functions.

In conjunction with the Fuji Xerox’s Next Generation MPS, DocuShare further allows organizations to start automating a department’s workflow processes quickly, then expanding it to other departments and eventually into the entire workplace, helping organizations drive their respective business transformations crucial in remaining competitive and relevant.


“The added capabilities now available in our Next Generation Managed Print Services (MPS) are crucial in helping organizations in their journey to business transformation,” said Masashi Sakamoto, president, Fuji Xerox Services. “In a globalized work environment where employees demand utmost mobility, connectivity, and access to relevant information anytime, anywhere - regardless of the device they use - streamlined processes play a crucial role in helping them do their work more efficiently, thus increasing productivity. Leveraging the tools and added capabilities we’ve included in our latest MPS offerings can help organizations transform their businesses faster, innovate better, and disrupt the market to their advantage.”


Fuji Xerox’s Next Gen MPS can be implemented in three stages as below:


Stage 1: Assess and Optimize

Optimizes client’s printing environment by capturing the total cost of ownership, user status, power consumption, and so on, to reduce cost and environmental load.


Stage 2: Secure and Integrate

Enhances security and manages printers in whatever environment document are utilized - in offices, mobile, or cloud.


Stage 3: Automate and Simplify

Automates client’s work processes and boosts productivity using unique approaches to analyze their document-related workflow.



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