About Fuji Xerox Philippines

About Fuji Xerox Philippines

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Our Mission

Build an environment for the creation and effective utilisation of knowledge.

Contribute to the advancement of the global community by continuously fostering mutual trust and enriching diverse cultures.
Achieve growth and fulfillment in both our professional and personal lives.

About Fuji Xerox Philippines

Fuji Xerox (Japan) is a subsidiary of FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation.

Fuji Xerox Philippines is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fuji Xerox (Japan), together with other operating companies in Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Established in December of 1965, Fuji Xerox Philippines is a leading provider and trusted partner for quality document services and communications, enabling people and businesses to share knowledge across all platforms seamlessly.  Fuji Xerox Philippines, employs approximately 238 staff, including a team of industry leading professionals who support our portfolio of document management technologies, IT solutions, and customer communication services.

For over 50 years, Fuji Xerox Philippines has brought a range of breakthrough products and services to the Philippine market in line with its long term commitment to help businesses in the country grow. Fuji Xerox Philippines offers a holistic eco-system of products and solutions that enable businesses to achieve increased productivity and efficiency while deriving greater value from communications. These include world-class office multi-function devices, cloud and mobile solutions, multi-channel marketing solutions, and business process management solutions.

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Mission Statement

Our business domain comprises support for work process reforms within the working environment.

By providing products and services of value we will support people in effectively utilizing information and knowledge to be more creative.

We will build mutual trust among stakeholders by growing as a company and offering new forms of value through our business activities.

Trust will engender respect for diversity, forming a foundation for worldwide cultural advancement.

Through our work we will seek to enhance our expertise and human ability.

We will use the personal growth and sense of fulfillment thus achieved as energizing forces in our organization and business to bring development and enrichment to society.

Shared Values

Deliver outstanding products and services originating from market needs and social issues

Create new value based on creative thinking unfettered by preconceived ideas

Generate results by determining the real issues before making decisions and seeking efficient processes

Seek overall optimization and mutual development through reliance on and cooperation with others inside and outside Fuji Xerox

Comply with legal and societal norms and always maintain good faith and fairness in business

Respect individuals and different cultures, and live considerately alongside others as members of society

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Key Facts

Fuji Xerox Staff Strength: 45,3971
Staff Strength in Philippines : 2381
ISO 90012 : In 1993
ISO 140013 : In 1993
ISO 270014 : In 2016
Green Choice Philippines5 : In 2013

1. As of 2016.

2. ISO 9001: 1993 Fuji Xerox Philippines has been certified to have met the ISO 9002 criteria – ISO 9002 is an industry standard created by the International Organization for Standardization. Its long title is "Model for quality assurance in production, installation and servicing."

3. ISO 14001: Fuji Xerox has been certified to have met the ISO 14001 family of standards relating to environmental management. It is aimed to help organizations minimize their impact on the environment, and to comply with existing environmental regulations.  
Together with other Fuji Xerox's 14 sales and office operations in 12 Asia-Pacific countries/regions,  Fuji Xerox Philippines acquired ISO 14001 certification after successfully demonstrating adherence to environmental management standards. The audit was conducted by the Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality (JACO)
"Fuji Xerox and its affiliates are proactively promoting ISO 14001 certification acquisition to develop an environmental management infrastructure based on our environmental strategy," said Akira Sasahara, general manager of Fuji Xerox's Corporate Environment Management. 

In 2012, Fuji Xerox Philippines’ Recertification was conducted by a new Certifying Body, AJA Registrar.

4. Fuji Xerox Philippines, Inc.’s Head Office has been certified to have met the ISO 27001 standard relation to information security management which utilizes risk management approach to help companies the security of sensitive company information, such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details or information entrusted by third parties. External audit was done by TUV SUV

5. The National Eco Labelling Programme –Green Choice Philippines (NELP-GCP) has granted the SEAL OF APPROVAL to Fuji Xerox Philippines, Inc.’s  DocuCenter 2056/2058 under the category Multi-Function Printing Device. NELP-GCP is one of the country's initiatives to exercise the fundamentals of sustainable development. It aims to change the behavioral patterns in consumption and production that tend to misuse, abuse, and degrade our environment.  It also envisions that environment friendly products or services are being produced and distributed in the country.  Fuji Xerox’s “360o of sustainability” is the key success factor to pass the criteria set by this program.