goes green

Eco Solution

The ideal solution for your business and the envionment

Fuji Xerox eco-friendly products and smart work approaches focuses on three main areas. These are:

  • Optimization of Output
  • IT Devices and Document Management
  • Print -on-Demand

With Output Optimization, you can optimize the number of print devices in the office as well as the usage of paper. By replacing multiple individual printers with strategically positioned multi function devices , you can reduce the power consumption and save office space.

Each multi function device is equipped with paper saving features such as 2 UP, N UP and duplex print. For additional security, IC card authentication is needed at the MFD before printing. The issues of wastage as well as security risks of uncollected printouts are reduced


Ecological Work Place

Optimization of IT Device and Device Management will help customers reduce the need to deploy multiple servers, combined various fileserver into one depository, store and retrieve documents, and collaborate anywhere and anytime, reduce power consumption, provide efficient workflow and enhance information sharing.


Optimization of Print on-Demand provide customers with the ability to generate, on demand, documents such as brochures, product information, promotional pamphlets and more. Thus, we cut down the need to transport printed documents to various office location, the storage space required to store them and reduce wastage of discarding outdated documents .

Combining the 3 optimization strategies of Optimization of Output, IT Devices and Document Management and print on-demand, Fuji Xerox’s Eco solution help our customers to better allocate and optimize the number of IT devices, office space, paper usage, power consumption, total cost and most importantly, CO2 emission.

Businesses can significantly gain massive savings in time, money, manpower as well as strengthen security, streamline workflows and reduce environmental impact.