goes green

Eco Nature of Our Products

Products designed for the environment.

Every piece of Fuji Xerox equipment is designed with environment in mind. We continue to improve energy saving with generation of products. Our entire range of products incorporates energy-saving technology and we have set “green goals” for the future improvement. These technologies include:

Energy Savings

Fuji Xerox incorporates Energy Saving Capability into every product. By 2005, we have achieved an average of 45%reduction in the power consumption and we continue to improve these savings with each generation of products.



IH Fuser

The newly developed Induction Heating Fusing Technology adopts an IH belt containing the world’s thinnest nonmagnetic metal with a thickness of microns (one micron = 0.001mm), which heats up quickly. Thereby the fusing device does not have to be preheated, achieving zero power consumption when not printing. As a result a fusing unit with the world’s quickest start-up time of only 3 seconds providing Fuji Xerox with a tremendous competitive edge.

LED Print Heads

In addition to producing excellent high quality print with less power than traditional print technology, our LED print heads are significantly smaller. We use fewer materials in manufacturing process and are able to produce more compact printers. In sleep mode LED print heads have lower power consumption.


EA-Eco Toner

EA-Eco has been adopted in products for office use. Fusing temperature of the EA-Eco toner is more than 20°C lower than that of conventional toners, cutting power used around 15%.



Leading the way in eco-friendly technology

Fuji Xerox wins prestigious Eco Products Award. Within Fuji Xerox’s office-use digital color multifunction device line up, four models from the ApeosPort-IV Series (AP-IV C 2270 / C3370 / C4470 and another four from the DocuCenter-IV Series (DC-IVC 2270 / C3370 / C4470) have won the METI Ministers Award in the 29th Energy Conservation Grand Prize for 2009 (Energy-Savings Machines and Systems category) sponsored by Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.